When Re:Loaded threw down the gauntlet against Scotty Mac and Beauty the Builds earlier this year, the world took notice. A spray painted van, a hacked website, and an underground, now banned, documentary on Scotty Mac? Give the young kids credit, they brought it like few have done before to the ECCW legend and his Beauty and the Builds. Re:Loaded let everyone in ECCW know that they aren't here to play around, and that they will not be bullied by anyone, no matter how big they are.

And sure, there actions had consequences. Erik Strange had his knee badly injured in the steel cage. Shareef Morrow had his elbow dislocated when Schaff damn near threw him across the ring. This left Jacky Lee to fend for himself for several months. But to a man, Re:Loaded will tell you they regret nothing. That they will continue to show up, and they will continue to prove they belong in ECCW. Resiliency is kind of their thing.

It's this attitude that got Re:Loaded a spot in the next Ballroom Brawl. It's this attitude that has Jacky Lee defending his prECCW Championship against Travis Williams, June 2nd, at Quest for Gold.

And it's this attitude that gets severely pushed to the limits when the god damn Voros Twins show up and interrupt a scheduled interview with our intrepid reporter Al.