We held our 22nd Anniversary show Saturday night at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver and what a night it was! A title change, Christopher Daniels, and an epic cage match that lived up to the hype are just some of what went down on our big show! Here are the results:

5 vs 5 Steel Cage War Games Match (winner Beauty and the Builds)

Re:Loaded (Shareef Morrow and Jacky Lee) had a chip on their shoulder ever since Beauty and the Builds members Drexl and Schaff stole their spot at Ballroom Brawl IX.

In retaliation Shareef and Jacky vandalized the ECCW truck with Scotty Mac's face on it, they hacked ECCW.com, and they made a fake documentary trying to tarnish the legacy of Scotty Mac. The world was buzzing about the lengths Re:Loaded had gone to show Scotty Mac they meant business.

And while kudos have to be given to the young men for getting into the head of Scotty Mac like not many others have done before (certainly nobody has brought the fight to Scotty like this in the past several years, let alone a pair of rookies), there is a price to be paid for dancing with a legend.

Make fun of Scotty all you want, but there is a reason he's been in the business this long. He knows how to win.

And win he did as Beauty and the Builds dismantled the Young Lions team of Shreddz, Mitch Mulligan, Erik Strange, and Re:Loaded. The violence on display was hard to watch at times, as Scotty and friends did their best to give the rookies a free lesson in how to take a beat down. It was a valiant effort from the Young Lions (Mitch Mulligan flying from the top of the cage won't soon be forgotten, nor will Shreddz starting a TKO party), but in the end, the Beauty and the Builds won out.

End result? 4 bodies on the floor. One in the hospital.

Move of the Match: Jacky Lee walks the cage only to Witness Schaff catching him and throwing him into a Scotty Mac slam.

jacky cage.gif

Bishy Wishy vs The Voros Twins ECCW Tag Team Championship Match (Winner and still champs Bishy Wishy)

The team that danced its way into your hearts faced off against the Yo Movement team that consistently makes you feel like dry heaving when you hear their music.

Don't believe us? This is Vince Havok's actual face when The Voros Twins music went off:

Twin Music.gif

But despite their annoying ways, The Voros Twins have held the ECCW Tag Team Champions, and that is because they are a formidable tag team that gets better and better each year.

And Bishy Wishy had their hands full with the Twins antics, and it almost paid off for the Voros when they almost snuck out a victory. Alas, the great equalizer in life, the Bishop Bomb, was the difference maker in this one. The dancing champs retained the titles much to the delight of the crowd.

Move of the Match: Bishop counters a Voros finisher into his own finisher. Yes, this was basically watching a game of WWE2K18.

bish counter.gif

Andy Bird vs Eddie Osbourne : Canadian Championship Match (Winner and new Champion, Eddie Osbourne)

Andy Bird has been winning so often that it almost felt like a foregone conclusion that he'd win this match. Has there ever been as dominant a Canadian champ as Bird?

So let's be honest and say what we were all thinking heading into that match. We assumed Eddie Osbourne was just being fed to Andy to give the Bird Man something to do.

But that would prove to be a mistake on our part, because as we saw at Pac Cup 2018, Eddie Osbourne is a monster of a man. He can cripple you with his power as well as his skill. So with nothing to lose and everything to gain, Eddie brought it to Andy hard and fast. The normally jovial Bird Man didn't even have time to joke, as he realized quickly how serious of a threat Eddie was.

But as Andy does, when people start to count him out, he finds a way to surprise you. And just when it looked like he finally had momentum going his way in the match, a strange thing occurred.

The Natural walked out mid match to point out a fan (Chelsea you son of a bitch) that was in the front row having a drink. We aren't aware of the details yet (we will try and interview him as soon as possible) but apparently he was informed about a possible underage drinker.

During the confusion, while Andy Bird was trying to restore order to the match, The Nutcracker Eddie Osbourne was born.

One swift kick to the nuts, and one slam later, and we have ourselves a new Canadian champ. Shock of the night? Shock of the night.

Move of the Match: Osbourne lines up and takes a free kick like he's David Beckham.

Eddie Wins 2.gif

Pete Powers vs Sid Sylum Hard Rock Hardcore Match (No Contest)

In what is quickly becoming an annual tradition of seeing who can kill each other first, Pete Powers took on Sid Sylum, as the two apparently did not squash their beef at Ballroom Brawl IX.

Pete Powers superfan Ross Renaud was said to be worried about Sid's health claiming that "Pete Powers is the greatest villain of our time, and I fear for anyone who stands in his way." Well said, Ross, couldn't have said it better myself.

Yes, with both men attacking each other with a variety of foreign and illegal objects, the question wasn't who would win, but who wouldn't be able to get up.

At one point Sid Sylum busted out a guitar and screamed something about "this is for all the Doug fans!" and it got really weird.


Still, the fact remains that anytime these two men meet, we pretty much have an ambulance on standby. Which is what we almost had to call when Sid Sylum put both men through some god damn tables. Tables that had families, damn it.

The ref, realizing that a) we needed to get our security deposit back from The Hard Rock Casino, and b) we needed to keep both men from actually killing each other and tearing the place down, called for the bell after both men went through the tables, declaring it a no contest.

Despite this, Sid Sylum got up and continued to beat Pete Powers to the back, which makes us think this is far from over. Fans in attendance began chanting "Ballroom Brawl, Ballroom Brawl" at the end of the match. What do you think? Good idea? Good idea!

Move of the Match: Sid Sylum superplexes Pete Power through two tables!

Table For Two.gif

King of the Yukon and Ashley Sixx vs The Wisemen Billy Suede and Travis Williams (Winners, King of the Yukon and Ashely Sixx)

The Wisemen are a formidable tag team regardless of which members are in the match. Whether it's Baroni, Suede or Williams, the fact remains that you can never count them out. Add in the fact you never know where the Goddess Mandy is lurking, and there is a reason why this stable is so powerful and why so many people want to become a Wisemen.

But here's the problem. The Hard Rock Casino allows drinks to be purchased. And the King of the Yukon? Well, some say he draws a certain power from having a beer or two before a match. And when a match gets turned into a good old fashioned brawl? That's where Yukon excels.

With the help of a more than game Ashley Sixx, the King of the Yukon was victorious in his Hard Rock debut, as they just managed to eke out a victory over the Wisemen.

Move of the Match: The Wisemen try and ditch out of the match early only to have Yukon and Sixx drag them from the back, travel bags and all!

Wisemen Travel.gif

Ravenous Randy vs Christopher Daniels (Winner Ravenous Randy)

First off, how amazing is this?

Chris Daniels.gif

Yes, a wrestling legend appeared at our 22nd anniversary show, a man who once wrestled at Bridgeview many moons ago. What better way to pay homage to ECCW then to show the reach our organization has had on the wrestling world, playing our little part in so many wrestlers lives.

And while the fans gave Daniels an ovation, it was another man who tried to steal the show.

Ravenous Randy.

Yes, Ravenous Randy, the once fun loving man who would lend his jacket to a child in the front row has become hard to read as of late. His intentions? Murky to say the least. But give him credit, if there is one thing we can all agree on, is he puts on a damn fine entrance.

First we had Radiohead's Creep at Ballroom Brawl IX. Last night? We got Basket Case by Green Day. Both times sung in a haunting tone by a mysterious lady. Both times capturing the audiences attention in a hypnotic way.

Randy Entrance 22.gif

After months of hounding Andy Bird, Ravenous has turned his sights onto other people, and this time he took on the huge task of trying to take down Christopher Daniels.

There were of course mind games at play. At one point Ravenous gave Daniels a smooch, confusing the wrestling veteran. But Daniels, he's been around the block a few times, and he turned the tables when he gave Ravenous a smooch later.

daniels kiss.gif

Yes, as both men tried to get into the heads and understand each other, it appeared neither would get the upper hand.

Enter, The Voros Twins.

ravenous voros.gif

Yes, The Shining as they've taken to calling themselves, just couldn't help themselves, as the trio of Ravenous Randy and The Voros Twins showed why you should always be wary when facing off against them.

The Shining continued the beat down of Daniels after the match, but luckily Andy Bird had enough energy to come out and fend off the terrible trio.

Despite Daniels and Birds best effort to ask for a match right there and then, Ravenous walked away to fight another day. A feud we thought was done and over with looks like it's just beginning, as Andy looks like he has Ravenous in his sights.

Except before, Andy had a Canadian Championship to defend. He had to focus on retaining a belt. Now? Now he has nothing but Randy in his sights, and it might not be too long before Ravenous wishes he had never started a fight with his former protege.

Move of the Match: The BME!

Chris Daniels BME.gif