It's hard to argue that Andy Bird is one of the most successful ECCW Canadian Champions of all time. He's held the title so long we can't even remember a time when he didn't have the belt around his waist.

But as we saw when El Phantasmo held the ECCW Championship in 2016, sometimes the need to challenge yourself against any and all competitors during a long title reign becomes so great that we have to fly in talent to take on our gold carrying members of ECCW. To really prove that they can walk the walk that only true champions have the swagger to pull off.

Enter Ashley Sixx.

A self proclaimed "badass wrestler from Toronto", Ashley Sixx has also overcome big obstacles in his life, much like Andy Bird. Sixx is so bad ass, he not only kicks ass in the ring, he also kicked cancer's ass outside of the ring. He's a man who takes on challenges without hesitation, and trying to win the ECCW Canadian Championship from a dominant champ like Andy? That's right up his alley.

We've already seen the ECCW Championship head over to the UK. Will the Canadian Championship leave BC as well? You best find out this Saturday, February 17th, at the Bird's Nest.