Scotty Mac has wanted to get his hands on J-Sin Sullivan ever since the former House of Hell member laid out Scotty, beat up Christina Von Eerie, and tempted Drexl back to the darkside, essentially breaking up Beauty and the Builds. God knows were Adonis is in all of this, he’s probably busting out reps in the gym, wearing a small backpack, keeping up on American politics.

But the end result is we have one very pissed off ECCW legend on our hands in Scotty Mac. And he wants revenge. He wants it real bad. And who can blame him? If someone assaults your family, you would go through hell and back to get your hands on the person who hurt those you love.

J-Sin, though, has proved to be elusive. Some call it cowardly the way he’s been ducking Scotty Mac’s request for a match, but others call it ingenious. Like the Joker said, if you’re good at something, why do it for free? Under that same logic, if someone wants something from you, don’t give it up for nothing. J-Sin Sullivan knows Scotty doesn’t just want a match with him, he NEEDS a match with him.

Which is why J-Sin and Don Chaco have come up with a diabolical plan that doesn’t just potentially hurt Scotty physically. No no, J-Sin has already done that. No, Chaco and Sullivan want to do more damage. They know the emotional pain? That’s the worst way to hurt someone. That shit lasts forever. It’s like Fergie watching Sid Sylum and Bishop’s love be something he can never reach in Bishy Wishy. It’s why Don and J-Sin have come up with something that could potentially cost Scotty and his family everything….