When it was announced that there was to be a fatal four-way for the ECCW Championship, and it was to involve both Adonis and Scotty Mac, two members of Beauty and the Builds, it raised a question. Mainly, would they have a plan to work together to bring more gold into fold of BatB, or would the egos of two of the best in ECCW collide and get in the way of that.

And early on, it looked like egos would in fact get in the way. It was easy to believe Scotty Mac was going to want to wrap himself in gold once again, with the help of his friends. But Adonis looked visibly annoyed at this plan. He walked out of an interview last month when Scotty talked about becoming ECCW Champion. They clashed again verbally earlier in the night at ECCW vs Defy, the trash talk intensifying to the point where it felt like Scotty Mac and Christina Von Eerie were on one side, and Adonis and Drexl were on the other.

But if there is one thing we've learned about Beauty and the Builds, it's that they are always scheming. They are always planning. So maybe it shouldn't have been such a shock to everyone when Scotty Mac helped Adonis win the ECCW Championship in front of the bamboozled fans at the RCC this past Saturday.

We sent Al, our intrepid reporter, to try and interview Beauty and the Builds right after their big coup.