We wanted to post an interview with one of the new tag teams in ECCW, to help put a spotlight on the fresh new talent that is rising through the ranks here at ECCW.

Unfortunately, the interview had to be cancelled before it really began.

We initially tried to show the footage but Pete Powers' lawyer Kris Kassidy sent so many legal injunctions at us that we needed time to sift through them....where we promptly realized they were just hastily scribbled angry notes on McDonald's napkins.

So we will now show the footage, in the hopes that people will see that Pete Powers is a bully who needs to be stopped.

We apologize to the friends and family of Jacky Lee and Shareef Morrow. Vince Havok, our Head of Security, failed us on this day. He failed all of us.

Shame Vince. Shame. Shame. Shame.