Ever since X and Pex (just go with it) made a brain sandwich with their conchairto on Mike Everest, things have certainly changed in ECCW.

Gone are the Good Brothers and the happiness they brought to BC. In it's place is a strange new budding friendship between Xavier and Pesky. We know Plexis is involved, but we haven't seen him since the RCC. What's their end game here? Why did this happen?

Gone is Mike Everest, a Good Brother who won two tag team titles with what everyone thought was his best friend in Nick Pesky. In his place stands Fergie, a man on a mission of revenge. Not only is he after Pesky and Xavier for braining him, he also got screwed over by the duo in the Bird's Nest Rumble at BB8, costing him a shot at the Canadian Championship.

The feud has gotten so intense that there are rumors of Galaxy taking on Fergie in WWF No Mercy (N64 baby!), to see who the better gamer is!

So while we prepare for a summer of rivalries and revenge, let's hear what Pesky and Xavier have to say about all of this, shall we? We caught up with the duo after the recent Ballroom Brawl 8 to get their thoughts on the state of ECCW....