At Ballroom Brawl 8, Cat Power has put her title on the line against....Tony Baroni?

Yes, that's right, as it appears The Great Bambino himself has accused Cat Power of reverse sexism. He claims that if Nicole Matthews puts her title on the line against all challengers, Cat should do the same. Many people feel Tony is simply chasing glory for himself (shock of shocks) and that he wants to put his name in the history books by having held all of the ECCW titles possible, but Tony of course says he is simply "standing up for persecuted men everywhere."

Well, if there is one thing we know about Cat Power it's that you should probably try and avoid pissing her off. You see, Cat doesn't fear any challenge. In face, she put the ECCW Women's Championship on the line with a smile on her face. A scary, intense, deadly, smile...

So while Tony is searching for "equality", Cat Power is searching for "destruction".... which should make for an epic night at Ballroom Brawl 8.