Like Scotty turning himself into a silver god, sometimes you just want to re-invent yourself, you know?

Which is what we've done here at!

The last website will always be fondly remembered, but it felt a bit dated and a bit cluttered. We wanted to simplify things a bit, and help make things easier for our fans to find, and read, about the best god damn wrestling promotion in the Pacific Northwest, ECCW.

With the new design, we hope to achieve:

- Easy to find schedule for our upcoming shows!

- Easy to find videos of the latest action, and classic matches from the past!

- Easy to find pictures and information on our wrestlers!

- More news and articles on the action surrounding ECCW, both in and out of the ring. Interviews with current wrestlers, more videos from the guys and gals, anything we can think of that will make our universe more interactive.

- Guest articles written by guest writers such as Alex Plexis and Sid Sylum, to get a different perspective on the ECCW universe!

We are going to start off slow with the website, and there will be changes as we go along, but we know you'll love the end result. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, always feel free to contact us on Facebook or on Twitter at @eccw !