Friday, April 18, 2014

Results – Season’s Beatings

Andy The Dreadful Bird and Danni Deeds ended in a No Contest when Natural Selection came out and interrupted the matchup. That lead too…

Natural Selection (Bishop & Mike Santiago) beat Deeds & Bird in an impromptu Tag Team Contest.

J_Sin Sullivan pinned Alex Plexis.

KC Spinelli retained her ECCW Womans title by pinning Cat Power.

The Riot and The Stallions went to a draw in the hilarious Birthday Party Death Match.

Scotty Mac and Jamie Diaz defeated The Bollywood Boyz via DQ, therefore getting 5 Minutes alone with Joel The Fan. Smac ended up knocking Joel unconscious with a Superkick to the back of the head.

King of the Yukon beat El Phantasmo in an 30 Minute Iron Man match. After this Match of the Year candidate, Scotty Mac attacked Yukon from behind after Mike Sweetser made his return to distract The King.

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One Response to “Results – Season’s Beatings”
  1. Raquel says:

    We certainly do not need a new story as the need to corapme and formulate stories takes us into the mind of map making and comparisons and straight into the hell of systemic disconnection!To truly discover this we must pierce every place in us that has been these points of pain in us maintains our mental and emotional illusions. When the points of pain is pierced the soul is seen..and our birthright is reclaimed. Every point of pain arising is just an after shock wave’ of where we have abdicated our birthright of being in connection to the uniqueness of flow within us.To attune to our points of joy and have the courage to receive them unrestricted / in their fullness..,void of all mental and emotional maps, bring us home to ourselves.

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