Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Crow’s Nest – Fixing TNA for Dummies: Part 2 – More Cuts and a Couple of Refills

By TheCrow


Scotty who? I don’t blame you guys if you haven’t heard of this guy before, so let me give you a bit of background. He’s the current owner of Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW, based in British Columbia) and is one of the most decorated champions in the promotion’s history. While someone not familiar with his work might assume that’s only because he owns the company, he only bought the promotion 2 years ago, and most of his success came before that.

Mac is an absolute well of charisma, and watching him wrestle it’s understandable why he has been so successful in this industry. He received a 3-day tryout with WWE in 2005 (after only 4 years in the industry), and while a contract wasn’t signed, Mac continued to hone his skills. Now, as the owner of ECCW, Mac is at the absolute top of his game.

So why would he make a good fit for TNA? Simply put, he’s just too damn good to be wasting away in an indy promotion (even though he owns it). He’s versatile in the ring and could conform to normal or X-Division styles; he can deliver a hell of a promo; and at only 33 years old with no major injuries to speak of, he has loads of time left in this industry before he has to hang up the boots.

I’ve had the chance to talk to Scotty Mac personally before when I covered an ECCW show for a local newspaper, and his passion for the industry is very clear. On top of that, he’s a great guy and treats his fans like they deserve to be treated: like royalty. So not only would he be a great addition to the on-screen product for TNA, he would be a great advocate for the company in interviews and outside media promotion. Scotty Mac is destined for greatness, and TNA is a great way to start that off.

This is just an excerpt.

Full article: Lords of Pain – The Crow’s Nest – Fixing TNA for Dummies: Part 2 – More Cuts and a Couple of Refills


One Response to “The Crow’s Nest – Fixing TNA for Dummies: Part 2 – More Cuts and a Couple of Refills”
  1. Andrew Gaudry says:

    Ive seen scotty Mac wrestle.Ive watched wrestling for the last 20 years and he could destroy AJ Stylies if he wants.It could be a good call to bring back team Canada to Impact/TNA.

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